Spring Artist Competition


1st Place = Join Wraptious as we help you develop a giftware range.
All 12 Shortlisted Artists = £100-worth of products using our Bespoke Service.

Hello Artists and Photographers! You're invited to submit your work to our website after the competition launches. There is no theme or preferred medium. Your work could be turned into a beautiful giftware range. It's free to enter, open to all artists globally and any age. You own copyright always, earn commission and it's the only time we take on new artists. 6 artists with the most points are automatically shortlisted, while a further 6 are chosen by us. Give it a go! :) 

How does it work?

  • Artists are invited to enter up to 5 designs, which are available as cushions, canvases and prints on Wraptious for the duration of the competition, along with a link to your website or social.
  • All entries are shared on our Facebook page.
  • Artists earn 1 point per vote on our website, 1 point per Facebook Like and Share, and 100 points per sale. The 6 artists with the most points are automatically shortlisted. All sales earn artists commission too, and force our hand into planting a Tree!
  • To keep it fair, a further 6 artists are chosen by us as we recognise not all artists have a strong social media following. 
  • The Top Artist is then chosen by 100+ Industry Experts, Art Magazine Editors, Current Artists etc. 
  • View our full Competition Instructions HERE.

All competition entries will be available on...

Vegan-Suede Cushions

Deluxe Canvases

Fine Art Prints

What Can I Win?

1st Place

Become a Wraptious artist - we will help you develop a giftware range and shine the spotlight on you to our wholesale customers across the UK and Europe. 

All 12 Finalists

£100-worth of products, of your choice, using our Bespoke Service

Hear what previous winners have to say...


We take sustainability seriously.

We have a responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. Supporting artists, planting trees, using sustainable resources and packaging, and working to end modern slavery are just a few of the things we care about.


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