Create something beautiful.

Print your art onto UK-made premium gifts and homewares to display or sell. Sustainable materials, competitive pricing, low minimums, and samples available too! 


Are you an artist or business looking to introduce new products? Finding the right supplier can be costly if you're forced to order large quantities. Our bespoke service is the perfect stepping stone, with a minimum order of just £100+vat and low pack sizes. Complete flexibility. Made in the UK. There's no artwork fees either!

At Wraptious we believe in making a positive impact in all that we do. This includes planting a tree for every order we receive. Find out more about our sustainability mission and what we are achieving.

FIRST ORDER OFFER: Get 20% off your first order, after samples.

How it works...



Have a browse of our products, samples and prices below! Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order samples :)



Join our Bespoke Site and upload your artwork! You can then edit your work, view and download mockups, prep products and place your order directly. We also offer 20% off your first order! (We recommend trying samples first, and if you need help with your artwork, please contact us.)



In a few weeks, you will receive your awesome new products - then it's over to you to get selling! Our products are priced so there is plenty of margin for you to mark-up. We've written some blog posts on starting a business and attending shows.


We recommend trying samples before ordering in bulk. Our cushion samples are free too! One image and sample pack per customer. Download our sample form below, and send this along with your artwork to sales@wraptious.com Happy to help you if you need any support :)


Our Products

Sustainably made in the UK by us or our partners.


Specs: Soft faux-suede or organic cotton. Machine-washable. Choice of backing colours. 43cm or 55cm. Wraptious woven tag optional, or order your own tags.
Pack Size: 1
Artwork: Jpg/tif/png. Minimum 2500x2500 pixels.
Sample: Free sample with your art. See form above. 
Pricing: 43cm = £11.99+vat; 55cm = £17.20+vat. Include a fibre insert. 43cm cover only = £10.40+vat. Improved pricing if higher quantities ordered.


Specs: We make the best wooden coasters in the UK. Sustainably-sourced wood with non-stick cork base.
Size: 10x10cm
Pack Size: 6 (1 design per pack)
Artwork: Jpg/tif/png. 10.6x10.6cm incl. 3mm bleed. Printed in CMYK, colours may be different.
Sample: Free sample - see form above.
Pricing: £1.09+vat each. Improved pricing if higher quantities ordered.


Specs: Earthenware ceramic, 330ml. Come with a free box! Made in Stoke-on-Trent.
Pack Size: 3 (1 design per pack)
Artwork: Jpg/tif/png. 20x9cm. We can help with artwork setup and advice.
Sample: £7.00. See form above. 
Pricing: £4.90+vat. Bulk offers available - see below.


Specs: 100% Organic cotton. 190gsm. 72cm x 44cm.
Pack Size: 3 (1 design per pack).
Artwork: RBG, jpg/tif/png. 72 x 44cm.
Sample: £5.00. See sample form above.
Pricing: £5.79+vat. Bulk offers available.


Specs: Premium 240gm matt sustainably sourced paper. Fade-resistent inks. Individually packed with backing board & cello (or tubed for A2/A1). 
Sizes: A4, A3, A2 and A1, 20x20cm, 30x30cm and 40x40cm. A4/A3 Mounted frames available.
Pack Size: 1
Artwork: Jpg/tif/png. A-size (eg A4 = 21 x 29.4cm).
Sample: £5.00. See sample section above ^.
Pricing: See pricing table below. 


Specs: Sustainably sourced, 350gm textured board and kraft envelope. Your logo on reverse. Free card-packing service. Biodegradeable cello (or 'naked', if you prefer). 
Pack Size: 12 (1 design per pack)
Artwork: Printed in CMYK - colours may be different & can vary between print runs. 15x15cm (+3mm bleed).
Sample: Free sample with Wraptious design - see above form.
Pricing: £0.79+vat. Bulk offers available. 


Specs: Sustainably-sourced wooden board with non-stick cork base. 22.5 x 27.5cm
Pack Size: 3 (1 design per pack)
Artwork: JPG/TIF/PNG. 23.1 x 28.1cm incl. 6mm bleed. Printed in CMYK - colours may be different.
Sample: £5.00. See sample form above ^.
Pricing: £3.49+vat. Bulk pricing offers available. 


Specs: Sustainably-sourced timber, with metal hands, integrated hanger and quartz-mechanism, clock requiring 1xAA battery (not included). 25cm diameter.
Pack Size: 1
Artwork: JPG/TIF. Printed in CMYK - colours may differ.
Sample: £10.00. See sample form above ^. 
Pricing: £8.99+vat per clock. Bulk offers available.


Specs: 3mm MDF, sustainably sourced. 6x6cm square. 
Pack Size: 6
Artwork: Jpg/tif/png. pg/tif/png. 6.6x6.6cm incl. 3mm bleed. Printed in CMYK, colours may be different. 
Sample: £5.00, includes keyring. Sample form above. 
Pricing: £0.72+vat. Bulk offers available - see below.


Specs: 3mm MDF, sustainably sourced. 5x5cm square, with a 25mm split ring. Handmade in the UK. 
Pack Size: 6
Artwork: Jpg/tif/png. pg/tif/png. 5.6x5.6cm incl. 3mm bleed. Printed in CMYK, colours may be different.
Sample: £5.00 includes magnet. Sample form above ^.
Pricing: £0.95+vat. Bulk offers available - see below.


Specs: Perfect for coasters, placemats and mugs. Gloss circular stickers, 25mm.
Pack Size: 140
Artwork: Jpg/tif/png. Send us your logo or text/font/colour choices and we can create for you.
Pricing: £18+vat.


Specs: Woven cottom labels. Two-tone colours of your choice. Perfect branding for your cushions. We stitch them into your cushions at no additional cost.
Artwork: Send us your logo or text/font/colour choices and we can create for you.
Pricing: All prices ex-vat. 100 labels = £135. 250 labels = £155. 500 labels = £175. 1000 labels = £199.


All prices ex-vat. View our bulk pricing discounts PDF

PRODUCT PACK SIZE (1 design per pack) UNIT PRICE (+vat) PACK PRICE (+vat)
Greeting Cards - with envelope & cello12£0.79£9.48
Greeting Cards - with envelope, no cello12£0.69£8.28
Tea Towels3£5.79£17.37
Earthenware Mugs3£4.90£14.70
Fridge Magnets6£0.72£4.32
Wooden Clocks1£8.99£8.99
43cm Cushion Cover1£9.99£9.99
43cm Cushion + Fibre insert1£11.99£11.99
55cm Cushion Cover1£14.50£14.50
55cm Cushion + Fibre insert1£17.20£17.20
A4 Print + Backing Board1£4.75£4.75
A3 Print + Backing Board1£7.80£7.80
A2 Print + Tube1£10.49£10.49
A1 Print + Tube1£15.00£15.00
20x20cm Print + Backing Board1£5.75£5.75
30x30cm Print + Backing Board1£8.30£8.30
40x40cm Print + Backing Board1£11.49£11.49
A4 Mounted Wooden Framed Print1£18.95£18.95
A3 Mounted Wooden Framed Print1£29.00£29.00
Small Stickers140£0.13£18.00
Woven Cushion Tags - 100 units100£1.35£135.00
Woven Cushion Tags - 250 units250£0.62£155.00
Woven Cushion Tags - 500 units500£0.35£175.00

Lead Times

We bulk manufacture our products every 2 weeks (4 weeks for prints). We aim to ship 2-6 weeks after the bulk order date. If you order multiple products, we wait to ship all items together. But can split your order if you prefer.

PRODUCT Bulk Manufacture Date Lead Time from Bulk Manufacture Date
CushionsEvery 2 Weeks4 Weeks
Mugs / Greeting Cards / Tea TowelsEvery 2 Weeks5 Weeks
Coasters / Placemats / Magnets /
Keyrings / Clocks
Every 2 Weeks6 Weeks
PrintsEvery 4 Weeks3 Weeks

Terms & Conditions

Minimum order £100 +vat. Payment required upfront for all orders.

Lead times can be from 2-8 weeks depending on the product. Please ask for more details. If you order multiple products, we'll wait until they're all ready and ship your order complete.

There is a minimum of only 1 pack per design or product. We recommend trying samples before placing an order. Colours may not be a perfect match and can vary between products, though we try our best to match.

UK Mainland: £9.50+vat, and free on orders over £200+vat.
UK Highlands: £15+vat, and free on orders over £250+vat.
Channel Islands & N.Ireland: £20+vat, and free on orders over £300+vat.
International: Shipping varies depending on order & location - we can provide an estimate for you.

Thank you. 


Sustainable Packaging

We re-use all boxes and most packaging from our suppliers to repackage your orders. This includes plastics as we believe it is better to re-use as filler and protection, than to send direct to landfill. We kindly ask you to overlook if your order arrives in untidy packaging, as long as it is well-protected and making as little impact on the environment as possible.

Not to rest on our laurels, we continually work to make our packaging more environmentally friendly. For example, we no longer use plastic bubble wrap, and continue to bring in new box sizes, to best-fit your products and save on filler and fuel efficiency. We also challenge and work with all our suppliers to be mindful of their packaging too!


We've supported 1000s of artists, and would love to hear from you.

"Working with Wraptious is a complete pleasure! They make everything so easy. I work as a freelance illustrator and run an Etsy shop, as well as sell items at shows and small shops - so it’s important to me that ordering is as easy and painless as possible. Wraptious are always patient and understanding, and very quick to get back to any questions. The quality of their products is unrivalled too - I especially love their coasters and cushions - and unlike most companies they let you order just one of each design if you want to. They’re happy to deliver directly to a shop I sell at too, which cuts out travel costs for me so I can spend more time illustrating. Thanks for being ace!"

Sophie Corrigan - Artist

"Friendly, personal, helpful (insert every positive thing you would want from a supplier here). I cannot rate the Wraptious team highly enough and I am proud to have The Tiny Art Co artwork on their products."

Bob Ford - Artist, The Tiny Art Co

"This set up is amazing. Reproducing my artwork on bespoke quality items at an affordable rate is the way forward for me. I would definitely recommend Wraptious."

Nicola Dixon - Artist

"One of the loveliest and easiest companies to work with and order from. Being very new to moving into surface design for products, I am glad I had the help and advice from the Wraptious team as I expanded into my mug and homeware ranges for the very first time. Customer service has been excellent throughout. Thank you very much."

Eleanor Tomlinson - Artist

"Wraptious are a lovely and efficient team who are always quick to respond to queries, and the turnover on orders is really fast. Their skill at reproducing the vibrant colours of my artwork onto cushion covers makes all my effort worthwhile, and don't forget the additional luxury of the softness of vegan suede. Fabulous!"

Julie O'Neill - Artist

"Wraptious consistently offers a friendly, reliable, quality service that I can totally depend on to produce stunning items for my art exhibitions and fairs. Invaluable for artists and designers wanting to test new products. The quality and colour are outstanding with the vegan-suede cushions providing a fabulously luxurious quality."

Steph Wilkinson - Artist

"Couldn't agree more with the other comments. I am now booked in for two artisan markets a month. My business is growing and it's a dream come true (cheesy I know). So a heartfelt BIG thanks from me."

Sally Doolally - Artist

We take sustainability seriously.

We have a responsibility to make a positive impact on the world. Supporting artists, planting trees and using sustainable resources and packaging, are just a few of the things we care about.


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